Tri-Planar Tonearms The very finest precision tonearm available at any price. The Tri-Planar Mk VII features perfect alignment geometry, adjustable anti-skate, tunable silicone motion damping, and adjustable azimuth and vertical tracking angle. The whole assembly is engineered to be acoustically neutral, allowing optimum sensitivity. The up-down pivot bearings are at the height of the record playing surface, minimizing wow and flutter effects.

Atma-Sphere Music Systems The very finest amplifiers available at any price.

Balanced, Class-A vacuum tube preamps and power amps. Balanced differential design allows direct coupling of the output tubes to the speakers with no output transformers. Amazing detail, presentation and control. Atma-Sphere has earned five Golden Ear awards.

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John Manship Records Since 1968 John Manship Records have been supplying rare vinyl and collectables worldwide. We now have over 500,000 quality selected 45s and LPs on hand. This web site receives new titles daily, 100s per week are added. We are continually buying new collectable stock and constantly processing and adding to this site.

A. G. Tannenbaum Need a manual or other technical service data on vintage electronic equipment? A. G. Tannenbaum has an extensive archive and offers reproductions, originals, and even file downloads on some manuals for fastest service.

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