Harksound HS-210

Platter Drive Belt FM 25.0

Belts are shipped with installation instructions.

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In cases of unlisted turntables, it's easy to determine which belt you need based on your measurements of the old belt.
To measure the old belt, place it flat on a table and use a paperclip to mark your starting point. Then, using a ruler or yardstick, measure its complete length lying flat and unstretched.
If the belt is missing, you can measure the belt's path with a piece of string tied in a slipknot.
Based on how badly stretched the old belt is, deduct 3 to 5 percent from its length to determine the optimal new belt length. Also measure its width, and thickness if you can. Observe whether the old belt is flat, square-cut or an o-ring. Also see if there are any limitations on the belt's width, such as a narrow speed changer fork or motor spindle.
Then, order the belt closest to your measurements and mention in the notes section of the order form that it's for an unlisted turntable. Be sure to include the belt measurements and the turntable model number. We'll send out a few belts in the range of your measurements and let you decide which belt works best.
Exchanges are never a problem and additional shipping will not be charged. Turntable Basics has a wide variety of belts in stock. The complete list can be seen at http://www.turntablebasics.com/beltmodels.html